Newforms exposes various utilities you may want to make use of when working with forms, as well as some implementation details which you may need to make use of for customisation purposes.

  • form – a form DOM node or ReactElement.

an object containing the submittable value(s) held in each of the form’s elements, with element names as properties.

validateAll(form, formsAndFormsets)

Extracts data from a <form> and validates it with a list of Forms and/or FormSets.

  • form – the <form> into which any given forms and formsets have been rendered – this can be a React <form> component or a real <form> DOM node.
  • formsAndFormsets (Array) – a list of Form and/or FormSet instances to be used to validate the <form>‘s input data.

true if the <form>‘s input data are valid according to all given forms and formsets

util.formatToArray(str, obj[, options])

Replaces '{placeholders}' in a string with same-named properties from a given Object, but interpolates into and returns an Array instead of a String.

By default, any resulting empty strings are stripped out of the Array before it is returned. To disable this, pass an options object with a 'strip' property which is false.

This is useful for simple templating which needs to include ReactElement objects.

  • str (String) – a String containing placeholder names surrounded by { }
  • obj (Object) – an Object whose properties will provide replacements for placeholders
  • options (Object) – an options Object which can be used to disable stripping of empty strings from the resulting Array before it is returned by passing {strip: false}
util.makeChoices(list, submitValueProp, displayValueProp)

Creates a list of [submitValue, displayValue] choice pairs from a list of objects.

If any of the property names correspond to a function in an object, the function will be called with the object as the this context.

  • list (Array) – a list of objects
  • submitValueProp (String) – the name of the property in each object holding the value to be submitted/returned when it’s a selected choice.
  • displayValueProp (String) – the name of the property in each object holding the value to be displayed for selection by the user.